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Currency credit card services

The cost of servicing foreign currency credit cards may differ from Bank to Bank goodccshop, but on average, in Russia it is about 25-30 dollars in the first year and about 15-20 dollars in the next

Does it make sense to use a foreign currency credit card in Russia?

In most cases, this doesn't make sense. It is simply not profitable to keep a foreign currency account on a credit card while constantly being in Russia and receiving income in rubles. First, servicing foreign currency accounts is somewhat more expensive, and secondly, it is just as unprofitable to pay with such a credit card for goods and services whose cost is expressed in rubles as it is to pay with a ruble creditcarddumpshop abroad. The reason is the same notorious currency conversion

Where can I get an installment card? Popular Bank offers

To get the opportunity to purchase an expensive product, you can issue an installment card. The source of the purchase will be Bank funds cccvvshoponline, but the user will not have to pay for their use. Installment cards are a banking product that provides the holder with a certain amount. But unlike traditional credit cards, free installments are valid for the entire period of the card (from 1 to 12 months, depending on the Issuer)

The principle of operation of the installment card is quite simple. The holder makes the necessary expenditures not at the expense of their own resources, but with card funds buycardingcc. However, the total expense amount does not increase, which allows you to calculate the monthly refund amount at the purchase stage